"Hetter" stories 

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Die ersten Uferschnepfen sind angekommen

Am 4.3. wurden wieder die ersten 3 Uferschnepfen in der Hetter gesehen. Herr Ernst hat uns dies gemeldet. Am vergangenen Sonntag konnte er sogar 18 Uferschnepfen, 4 Rotschenkel, 5 Goldregenpfeifer... read more >>>

Your own "Hetter" stories

In this chapter, we would like to invite you to tell your own "Hetter" story. Do you remember the time after WW II, when the "Hetter" was still considered as borderland? Tell us about the harshest winter you have ever experienced, when you used to skate on the frozen water surface, or about a particularly serious flood. Whatever it is, we look forward to reading your personal stories which will be published here! Please send them via email or fill in the form on the next page and send it to us. Of course, you can also send a letter by post.

Together with its "Hetter" mentor Hanns Dieter H├╝sch (1925-2005), the North-Rhine Westphalian association makes the start.