protective measures 

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Die Uferschnepfen sind zurück inder Hetter

Nachdem es in den letzten Wochen reichlich geregnet hatte, präsentieren sich die Flächen in der Hetter pünktlich zur Ankunft der Vögel wunderbar feucht. Einige Ornithologen hatte die Tiere schon... read more >>>

Protective measures

The measures planned in the course of the project aim for the ecological improvement of the habitat for the Limosa limosa are only implemented on properties owned by nature conservation organisations. There is, however, also the potential to implement certain measures on private property providing that the owner or administrator agrees to the following measures:

At the beginning of the project, a hydrological-hydraulic expert opinion will be rendered in close collaboration with the dyke association. This opinion aims to clarify the question of how the planned measures can be implemented without hydrologically influencing adjacent properties and without impeding the proper water drain from the surrounding region.